Holistic marketing consulting

The new marketing requires persistent efficiency, despite constant change

Strategic marketing becomes increasingly important in an ever more global and shifting economy. The focus in this complex environment is based on the needs and values of customers in the context of digitization. New technologies, services and applications play an important role here.

In view of these new requirements, our marketing consulting offers a conceptual approach for innovative and modern market cultivation and supports you with regard to the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

From the definition of marketing goals and strategies to the implementation of the marketing mix, our specialized team of experts offers you the most innovative solutions for every situation.

  • Obtaining information / market research
  • As-Is analysis [assessment of the current state]
  • Definition of marketing goals and strategies
  • Development and improvement of the marketing mix
  • Budgeting, implementation and performance review

Your benefits

Independent consulting with innovative experts creates competitive advantages and cost reduction

Creation with substance for precise target group addressing

Network with added value, networked
Know-how for your efficiency

Integrated communication

A more connected future requires new communication solutions

In this new era of digital transformation, ideas and creativity flourish. It no longer suffices just to reach customers. Rather, communication must move them emotionally and be appealing on a personal level. Digitalization and the mobile internet make real-time connections possible, thereby expanding the range of conceivable solutions. Advertising is becoming more interaction. As a result, the reduction and concentration of the core message, precisely focused on your target group, becomes more and more important for the creative processes, thereby achieving greater efficiency.

Our broad portfolio of services guarantees you a targeted and coordinated implementation of your communication objectives:

  • Classic advertising
  • Online, social media, digital, content, direct marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Promotion
  • Media Planning
  • Trade fairs & events
  • ¬†Sponsorships

International consultancy

New markets – new opportunities – minimized risk

No business location or company can escape internationalisation any longer. In order to minimize the risks involved in opening up new markets, you need sound country expertise for your international business. Together with our partners, we offer flexible and holistic consulting services within the framework of your globalization strategy.

This ranges from the preparation of a country-specific marketing plan including a communication and sales concept, to the search for locations and the development of new alliances. It ends with the clarification of the political framework for your international business.

Your benefits:

  • Cost reductions achievable by harvesting the synergy effects of our entire range of services
  • International network, cooperation with regional partners
  • Knowledge of the local language, intercultural skills, purposefull approach of your intended target audience